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Note to self, it’s dangerous to tie a bag full of rocks to your waist and jump from a kayak into the sea, but in the name of guitar education, I did.

I also feel privileged to know what a guitar sounds like in the sea AND experienced riding a guitar like a horse underwater.

Vid out soon guys 😎

Ok guys I’m off to a remote island in Thailand to film the under water guitar lesson and generally chill….well eat my way round. Packing done….I have all the essentials here, maybe should i take some clothes, not essential though.

Here it is! So today I got the guitar I’ll be using for my “under the sea (Sebastion the crab )” guitar lesson from…. Well, under the sea. Only 2 weeks to go. Gumtree, £35, BARGAIN! Anyone know how acoustics handle being under water? This will likely not make it back.

This is also my #nomakeupselfie for charity which Natasha nominated me for. I nominate Dan nightingale and Dan Szymczak ha!

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