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Worlds First Underwater Guitar Lesson Well here it is. A Guitar Lesson underwater!? From the edge of a reef in Thailand. Im trying to get people into music, will you help by subscribing and sharing this vid? AWESOME LINKS ________________ Check out me playing the tune here: Support my videos and get cool rewards!: Subscribe. I promise it will be fun! : How Did I Do This!? _________________ Originally i put out some questions to see what people would dig if i taught a lesson underwater. The No1 was Under The Sea By Sebastion The Crab from the little mermaid… was such an awesome suggestion! I went on Gumtree and bought a very cheap acoustic guitar….this one was £35 and actually in great condition. I travelled to Thailand to a small island called Koh Jum on the south west of Thailand, very remote and the perfect place to be at one with the fish ;) I got a Kayak from the beach, paddled out to a sand bar a little way out into the sea that i had scouted the day before, i left early in the morning when the sea was calm. I then tied a bag of rocks to my waist (you will see it in the vid) to weigh myself down, i kept floating up with the guitar in my hands. I filmed this on a go pro camera with the standard underwater housing and jumped in! This was mounted to a gorilla pod tripod. I buried what i could of the tripod to keep things steady, i found a weighty dead crab shell (I called it sebastion) to weigh down the camera and some big rocks from nearby as it was flying around underwater! It was then a case of holding my breath for 60 second bursts to teach you, the best i could whilst holding my breath, a lesson underwater. Why Did I Do This!? __________________ I got asked this a lot when i had the idea of doing a lesson underwater. I did genuinely wonder what a guitar would sound like in the sea, but the main reason I did this, is the main reason i make videos on youtube I built this channel to get others into music and and also share my love for making music. I thought if i could do something that even “non” musicians would enjoy i might stand a chance and getting them into playing something! If you would like to help me teach the world to play then I would be massively and unequivocally grateful for your support. All my links are below and share/like counts for more than you could possibly know Take it easy guys and i hoped you enjoyed the video! REX LINKS _____________ Support my videos and get cool rewards!: Subscribe. I promise it will be fun! : My iTunes Music Here!: See My Pics First On Instagram: Shall We Tweet?!: Facebook Friend Me: Facebook “Like” Page: Live Hangouts with me at Google! Website: Want to collaborate? Business email on my channel description! Don’t miss my next vid, subscribe!

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